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New Jersey sports betting locations

New Jersey offers both in-person and online sports betting. On this page, we’ll brief you on the sports betting locations available throughout the state.

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New Jersey has been the dominant sports betting market in the United States since launching sports betting in June 2018. As of 2024, there has been more than $45 billion in New Jersey sports betting handle, almost $8 billion more than the next closest competitor (Nevada).

This page covers the in-person sports betting locations in New Jersey, including where to gamble and any potential new gambling locations. For clarity’s sake, we will use the phrases “retail sportsbook” and “in-person betting location” interchangeably. Though the definition of retail sportsbook covers a venue owned by the sports betting operator, the term has been used colloquially to include all in-person betting locations.

List of all retail sportsbooks in New Jersey

Below is a list of all the retail sportsbooks and in-person sports betting locations in New Jersey.

What types of sports betting locations exist in New Jersey?

There are two types of sports betting locations that exist in New Jersey: casinos and race tracks. The state’s betting regulations allow up to 12 casinos and up to four racetracks to hold sports betting licenses, though, at the moment, only nine casinos and three race tracks have sports gambling operations.


Sports betting at casinos has typically been the go-to option for gamblers as casinos were better equipped for legal sports betting than online operators early on. While the gap has narrowed with the rise in online sports betting (with around 80% of sports wagers made online, according to USA Today), New Jersey casinos have reported consistently strong sports betting numbers over the past few years.

CBS News reported in November 2023, six of New Jersey’s nine casinos reported a year-over-year increase in sports betting revenue. Borgata led the way in revenue at $97 million while Hard Rock saw the greatest increase at just over 26%.

Race tracks

Sports betting and horse race betting have helped support each other, especially in recent years where horse racing has seen a decline in popularity. Tracks around the country have struggled to stay open without supplemental revenue from sports betting.

However, New Jersey horse race tracks have, to a degree, bucked the national trend in recent years. The New Jersey Racing Commission (which oversees horse racing in the state) saw a 10.12% increase in live betting handle in 2022, the most recent year for which data is available.

Are there any more sports betting locations opening in New Jersey soon?

New Jersey is not planning to open more sports betting locations soon because New York is planning to open three new casinos in the near future, including in the downstate area. If a new casino in New York opens a sports betting location, it could pull revenue from New Jersey betting locations by being a more convenient option for many in the state.

Until we know for certain where the New York locations will be, investing in new sports betting locations in New Jersey would be quite risky. However, if this status changes, we will update this section accordingly.


Can you bet on horses at retail sportsbooks in NJ?

No, you cannot bet on horses at retail sportsbooks in NJ. Horse race betting in New Jersey must be done at a racetrack, off-track betting facility, or through an online wager.

Are there any sports betting locations in Atlantic City?

Yes, there are sports betting locations in Atlantic City. Each of the nine AC casinos has a sportsbook available in some capacity, either by housing betting windows or kiosks. At some establishments, the sportsbook will be part of a bar or restaurant while at others, the bookie will be set up as a betting lounge.

Are there responsible gambling resources available for sports bettors in New Jersey?

Yes, there are responsible gambling resources in New Jersey available for sports bettors. Those looking for help should call 1-800-GAMBLER or visit the National Center for Responsible Gaming website. Persons at higher risk of gambling addiction can also contact the Attorney General’s office to enroll in the voluntary self-exclusion program.

Do I need to register in person to use a sports betting app in New Jersey?

No, you do not need to register in person to use a sports betting app in New Jersey. You can register online through the betting operator’s website or directly through the mobile app.

Are there any taxes on sports betting winnings in New Jersey?

Yes, there are taxes on sports betting winnings in New Jersey. Winnings from sports gambling are taxed at a 3% rate, so you’ll need to report that total when filing your tax paperwork.

Can I bet on both professional and college sports in New Jersey?

Yes, you can bet on both professional and collegiate sports in New Jersey. However, because of state law, you won’t be able to bet on games featuring in-state teams even when they’re playing out of state, or on events held in New Jersey even if they don’t feature NJ-based teams.

Are there any promotions or bonuses for sports bettors in New Jersey?

Yes, there are promotions and bonuses for sports bettors in New Jersey available constantly. Stay tuned to BettingNJ.com for the latest news on promo offers at New Jersey sports betting sites.