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Daily Fantasy Sports in New Jersey

Daily Fantasy Sports in New Jersey have been around since 2017, when Gov. Chris Christie signed Senate Assembly Bill A 3532 into law. Now, DFS is a go-to for any avid sports fan in NJ and it continues to grow with each passing year. We will delve into DFS in New Jersey on this page, including the best DFS sites in the state, how to get started, and much more.

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Best DFS sites in New Jersey

New Jersey is home to over a dozen DFS sites, all of which provide different experiences for their users. Below is a list of some of the most popular daily fantasy sites found in The Garden State.

Underdog Logo

Underdog Fantasy

For New Jersey residents wary of the high-stakes challenges of daily salary cap contests, or those passionate about season-long fantasy but short on time for weekly lineup tweaks, Underdog Fantasy might be your answer. Tailored for the Garden State crowd, Underdog Fantasy offers not just best ball games, but also single-slate snake draft contests and straightforward pick'em games. Strike it right with player prop predictions and you could see payouts up to 20x!

OwnersBox Logo


In a nutshell, OwnersBox is the go-to weekly fantasy sports (WFS) destination for fans of the NFL, NHL, MLB, and NBA in the Garden State. It aims to deliver the highlights of both season-long and daily fantasy experiences while leaving behind any downsides. Dive in and experience the best of fantasy sports in New Jersey!

FanDuel New Jersey


FanDuel provides legal daily fantasy sports contests in New Jersey and is one of the state's top-rated and most recognized DFS operators. Since its inception in 2009, the FanDuel Fantasy app has significantly broadened its scope for New Jersey users, now showcasing an extensive variety of contest types with entry fees ranging from complimentary to $50,000.

DraftKings New Jersey


For New Jersey sports enthusiasts, DraftKings Fantasy is your ultimate destination for fantasy sports. Tailored to the tastes of the Garden State, it offers a vast array of options to elevate your game day experience and vie for real-money rewards. Recognized as a leading name in fantasy sports, DraftKings brings its unparalleled expertise and resources to New Jersey, ensuring hefty prize pools, introducing innovative contest formats, and operating a robust rewards program.

Daily fantasy sports (DFS) have grown immensely in popularity over the years, prompting states to reconsider their legal stance on such platforms. In New Jersey, the journey towards the legalization of DFS reached a significant milestone in 2017.

Governor Chris Christie played a pivotal role in this transformation by signing Senate Assembly Bill A 3532 into law. This legislative action provided a green light for DFS sites to commence operations within the boundaries of the Garden State.

The bill's signing was a culmination of efforts to recognize and differentiate DFS from traditional gambling. Instead of being viewed as a game of chance, DFS was categorized as a game of skill, since it demands players to have an understanding of player statistics, game tactics, and more to assemble their teams.

By adopting this stance and creating a regulatory framework through A 3532, New Jersey was not only able to safeguard the interests of its sports enthusiasts but also pave the way for additional revenue streams within the state.

This legislative decision underscored New Jersey's progressive attitude toward modern recreational activities, setting a precedent for other states to potentially follow.

How do I get started with Daily Fantasy Sports in New Jersey?

Fortunately for any NJ resident trying to get in on the DFS action, joining one of the various daily fantasy sites is a fairly easy process. Follow these steps, and you’ll be competing in daily fantasy competitions in no time.

  1. Eligibility Check: Ensure you meet the age requirement (usually 18+) and are physically located in New Jersey.
  2. Choose a DFS Website: Select a reputable daily fantasy sports site that operates in New Jersey.
  3. Sign-Up Process: Visit the chosen DFS website, click on the "Sign Up" or "Register" button and enter required personal details (name, email, date of birth, etc.).
  4. Verification: Verify your email address by clicking on the link sent to your inbox. Some platforms may ask for further identity verification. Be ready with necessary documents (like a photo ID).
  5. Location Check: Enable location services or use a geolocation plugin to confirm you're accessing the site from within New Jersey.
  6. Secure Your Account: Set a strong password. Consider enabling two-factor authentication if the platform offers it.
  7. Deposit Funds: Go to the "Deposit" or "Banking" section. Choose your preferred payment method (credit card, bank transfer, e-wallets, etc.). Enter the amount and complete the transaction.
  8. Select Contests: Browse available contests, study the rules, and pick ones you'd like to enter.
  9. Draft Your Team: Choose players based on your knowledge, recent performance stats, and available budget.
  10. Monitor & Adjust: Track your team's performance, adjust your lineup as needed, and stay updated with player news.
  11. Withdraw Winnings: Go to the "Banking" section to request withdrawals of your earnings when you're ready.

Remember to always play responsibly and be aware of the terms and conditions of each platform.

History of Daily Fantasy Sports legislation in New Jersey

  • Pre-2017 Concerns: Before specific legislation, there were ambiguities surrounding the legal status of DFS in New Jersey, often grouping it with traditional gambling.
  • 2017 - Senate Assembly Bill A 3532: The bill was introduced to clarify the status of DFS, distinguishing it from conventional gambling. After deliberations, the bill was passed, explicitly legalizing DFS in New Jersey. Governor Chris Christie ratified the bill, paving the way for DFS platforms to operate legally.
  • Regulatory Framework Development: Post-2017, the state established guidelines for DFS operations, ensuring player protection and fair play.
  • Tax Implications: New Jersey set tax rates for DFS operators, creating an additional revenue stream for the state and ensuring that the platforms contribute their fair share.
  • Continuous Oversight: New Jersey has since monitored DFS sites for compliance, ensuring a safe and regulated environment for its residents.

Different types of DFS leagues to bet on in New Jersey

In New Jersey, DFS users can participate in a number of different fantasy competitions ranging across all the major sports leagues in the United States. Here’s what you can expect from the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL when playing DFS.

  • NFL: Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) for the NFL allows participants to create virtual football teams using real NFL players. Unlike traditional season-long fantasy football, DFS contests are typically played over a single game day or football weekend. In essence, DFS for the NFL offers a condensed and fast-paced version of fantasy football, giving participants the chance to draft a new team and potentially win prizes each week of the NFL season.
  • NBA: Daily Fantasy Sports for the NBA involves participants creating virtual basketball teams using real-life NBA players. DFS for the NBA allows basketball enthusiasts to test their knowledge, strategy, and prediction skills on a daily or weekly basis, adding excitement to each game night.
  • MLB: Daily fantasy sports for MLB allows participants to create their own baseball teams for a day or a short series of games rather than an entire season. MLB DFS offers a condensed and fast-paced version of traditional fantasy baseball, allowing fans to engage deeply with games on a daily basis
  • NHL: Daily Fantasy Sports for the NHL allows participants to create virtual teams of real NHL players. Based on the players' actual on-ice performances on a specific day or during a short series of games, teams earn points. DFS for the NHL offers hockey enthusiasts a chance to engage more deeply with the sport, testing their knowledge and strategy against other fans.

Helpful advice for playing Daily Fantasy Sports in New Jersey

Getting started on a DFS site can be a bit daunting for someone who’s never done it before. But rest assured, starting with these guidelines can help new DFS players navigate the world of fantasy sports with confidence and enjoyment.

  • Start with Free or Low-Stake Games: Familiarize yourself with the platform and gameplay without risking too much.
  • Research is Key: Read up on player statistics, recent performance, and injury reports before drafting your team.
  • Understand the Scoring System: Different DFS platforms may have varying scoring rules. Make sure you're aware of how points are awarded.
  • Diversify Your Lineups: Especially in tournaments, having a variety of player combinations can increase your chances of winning.
  • Avoid "Chasing" Losses: Keep a level head. If you're on a losing streak, take a break instead of impulsively entering more contests.
  • Manage Your Bankroll: Set a budget for your DFS play and stick to it. Never play with money you can't afford to lose.
  • Stay Updated: Follow sports news to stay informed about player conditions, team dynamics, and other relevant updates.
  • Join DFS Communities: Engage in forums or social media groups where experienced players discuss strategies and share insights.
  • Review and Learn: After each contest, review your lineup's performance. Learn from both your successes and mistakes.
  • Trust Your Instincts, But Be Rational: While gut feelings can be valuable, ensure your decisions are also based on data and logical reasoning.
  • Remember It's for Fun: While winning is great, the primary purpose of DFS is entertainment. Enjoy the process!

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Can you win real money with Daily Fantasy Sports in New Jersey?

Yes, NJ daily fantasy players can win real money awards by participating in a number of different DFS competitions.

Do I have to declare my DFS winnings in New Jersey?

No, as long as you are located in a state where DFS is legal, you’ll be able to claim your winnings.

Is DFS the only type of online gambling legal in New Jersey?

No, DFS is not the only legal type of online gambling in New Jersey. Sports betting, online casinos, and online bingo are also legal.