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Here, we will provide all the info you need about Monmouth Park in New Jersey. We will go into its background as one of the premier race tracks in the state, its sports betting options, and much more.

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With the full legalization of sports betting in New Jersey, many racetracks, including Monmouth Park, expanded their services to include comprehensive sportsbooks.

Monmouth Park offers a diverse range of betting options. Furthermore, its Sports Rewards Club allows bettors to earn points as they wager. Let's explore what Monmouth Park in New Jersey provides in the realm of betting.

About Monmouth Park in New Jersey

Monmouth Park, situated in Oceanport, NJ, is a mere three miles from Long Branch. Established in 1870, the track gained significant recognition for its premier races, often likened to Newmarket in England. Over the years, Monmouth Park witnessed several closures, each reopening ushering in greater success.

After enduring challenges, it was acquired by the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority. This transition led to the restoration of many traditional races that had previously been retired from the race card.

With the state's legalization of sports betting, Monmouth Park experienced a resurgence. Beyond horse betting, patrons can now visit the Caesars sportsbook bar to wager on various other sports and events. In 2018, it became the first New Jersey sportsbook to open its doors.

But Monmouth Park isn't solely about betting. It's a delightful getaway, offering a scenic picnic area overlooking the racetrack and a variety of dining options.

Is there sports betting at Monmouth Park?

Yes, Monmouth Park offers sports betting. Primarily a racetrack, it facilitates horse race betting. Moreover, due to its partnership with Caesars, patrons can utilize the Caesar sports betting app in New Jersey to place online wagers on various sports.

Alternatively, one can visit the sportsbook located on the 1st Floor Grandstand to take part in New Jersey sports betting in person.

Monmouth Park and Caesars Sportsbook partnership

In New Jersey, all online sportsbooks are legally required to form partnerships with land-based betting venues. Following this mandate, Monmouth Park collaborated with Caesars sportsbook to integrate a sportsbook into its facility. This alliance enabled Caesars sportsbook to secure a license from the New Jersey Division of Gambling Enforcement.

Without this license, Monmouth Park could not operate a sportsbook, and Caesars could not provide a mobile betting platform. Their partnership was cemented in August 2018, coinciding with the legal commencement of sports betting in New Jersey. Notably, Monmouth Park became the site for the first retail sportsbook to launch in the state.

What other types of gambling does Monmouth Park offer?

Monmouth Park provides a broad spectrum of betting opportunities. Given its dual role as both a racetrack and betting venue, visitors can indulge in numerous wagering options. Here's a glimpse into what's available:

  • Horse betting: As anticipated, Monmouth Park's primary focus is on New Jersey horse race betting. Throughout its annual season, a wide variety of races take place. Bettors can avail themselves of multiple betting opportunities here, encompassing fixed odds, handicapping contests, and more.
  • Off-track betting: This option allows you to bet on races at Monmouth Park without being physically present. So, even if you're unable to attend in person, you can still partake in the betting action.

Monmouth Park’s entertainment & cuisine

Monmouth Park is more than just a betting venue; it offers a comprehensive entertainment experience with diverse culinary options. Here are some of its popular offerings:

  • Top of the Stretch Bar: Located in the picnic area, this bar provides cost-effective food and beverages. Ideal during warm weather, it's a great spot for light snacks, draft beers, rum buckets, and more, placing you right in the heart of the action.
  • Strollo’s Lighthouse: For dessert enthusiasts, Strollo's Lighthouse is a treat. Specializing in sweets, its menu features ice cream and milkshakes, providing a refreshing break during hot days.
  • Caesars Sports Bar: A perfect blend of sports and dining, this bar operates seven days a week, offering a diverse food and drink menu. With 50 HDTVs, you can relish your meal without missing any sports action.
  • Monmouth Burger: If hearty meals are your preference, Monmouth Burger doesn't disappoint. With a focus on burgers, its menu also includes hotdogs, fries, chicken, and an array of draft beers.

Contact & information

Address: 175 Oceanport Ave, Oceanport, NJ 07757
Opening hours: Daily 10 am to 12 am (until 1 am on Friday and Saturday)
Website: www.monmouthpark.com
Phone number: 732-222-5100
E-mail address: [email protected]


Are there any hotels nearby Monmouth Park?

Yes, there are hotels near Monmouth Park. There are a number of partner hotels, and these include Sheraton Eatontown with a 9-minute drive time, Doubletree Tinton Falls 11 minutes away, or the Holiday Inn Express a short 6-7 minute drive.

Can you smoke in Monmouth Park in New Jersey?

Yes, you can smoke in Monmouth Park in New Jersey. However, as the law states, you cannot smoke within any of the buildings. You can smoke outside, but you must do so in designated areas and dispose of your butts appropriately.

Is there free parking at Monmouth Park?

Yes, there is free parking at Monmouth Park. This is for general parking during the main racing season. However, there is a general admission charge of $6 to Monmouth Park itself. You can also opt for valet parking on the Clubhouse side of the park for $15.