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This guide will help you in the right direction when it comes to NFL betting in New Jersey. Here you´ll find the best sportsbook that offers betting on NFL in the state.

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Best NFL betting in New Jersey

1 DraftKings
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3 BetRivers
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6 SuperBook
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There is no question that football is one of the most popular sports in the United States. The NFL remains to be the biggest league that is associated with football, which means it attracts a lot of viewership nationwide. As a result, betting on the NFL has become quite lucrative with both sportsbook operators and enthusiastic punters wanting to have a piece of the cake. And since many states have legalized sports betting in their respective jurisdictions, the sports betting industry is set to grow and flourish even further.

In particular, New Jersey boasts a thriving online gambling market with most sportsbook operators accepting bets on the NFL. This article will discuss in length about NFL betting in New Jersey and tell you everything you would like to know.

Yes, sports betting is legal in New Jersey, so you can bet on the NFL. The quest to legalize sports betting in NJ began in 2011 when the state challenged the existence of the PASPA ban on the same. However, the case was dismissed. In 2012, still determined to turn the tables in their favor, NJ legislators proposed amendments to the law to allow wagering on sports. This time, several leagues including the NFL went to court to block the process, which they eventually won. However, the legislators didn't give up.

In October 2016, they brought a petition to the Supreme Court, citing the unconstitutionality of the PASPA ban. After hearing the case, the court ruled in their favor in May 2018, consequently striking down the ban completely. This was a huge win for New Jersey and other states that were hoping to offer sports betting. A few days later, bill S2602 was introduced and after some debate, it was approved by the NJ legislature. It was then signed into law by Gov. Phil Murphy. In June 2018, legal sports betting went live in New Jersey.

Which NFL teams around New Jersey can you wager on?

Although there are currently no NFL teams in NJ, there are nearby teams you can bet on. Here are some of them.

  • Philadelphia Phillies - This professional football team is based in Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. Founded in 1901, it is one of the oldest NFL teams in the state. Originally, it was known as the Philadelphia Athletic Club, but it was later renamed.
  • New York Mets - The New York Mets were established as an expansion team back in 1962. The Mets compete in the American Football Conference's East Division of the NHL. They play their home matches at the Metlife Stadium.
  • New York Yankees - Based in New York, this team was originally a member of the American Football League. It was founded in 1926 and two years later, it joined the NFL. The Yankees play their home matches at Yankee Stadium.
  • Baltimore Orioles - This Baltimore-based team competes in the Eastern Division of the league's National Football Conference. It was founded back in 1894 and currently plays its home games at the Camden Yards Stadium.

Leading New Jersey gambling sites for NFL betting

There are several online gambling sites in New Jersey that accept wagers on the NFL. The following are the leading platforms.

  • DraftKings - If you're looking for a smooth betting site with great features to explore, check out DraftKings. The platform provides coverage to all popular sports alongside smaller niche options. Additionally, DraftKings offers one of the best live betting sections.
  • FanDuel - This sportsbook is pretty popular with NJ bettors, and it’s easy to understand why. The FanDuel website boasts lots of solid features and its interface is quite user-friendly. Furthermore, it offers the best same-game parlays that punters just can't get enough of.
  • BetMGM - Any bettor will find it difficult to ignore the BetMGM sportsbook and its vast range of NFL betting markets. This platform offers opportunities that you won't ordinarily find at other sportsbooks. Besides, you can take advantage of various promotions to enhance your betting experience.
  • BetRivers - There is no doubt that BetRivers is one of the leaders in the sports betting world. This site boasts a bountiful sign-up package and provides lots of ongoing promotions. While BetRivers may offer the same markets as other operators, the odds are better and quite competitive.

What different kinds of NFL betting are there in NJ?

When it comes to NFL betting types, sportsbooks in NJ offer lots of them. Below, we look at the different types.

  • Prop bets - Typically, prop bets aren’t related in any way to the final result of the game. Instead, you simply place wagers on in-game occurrences. For instance, you can predict which player will be the first to score in a match.
  • Point spreads - When you place such a bet, you're simply wagering on the margin of a victory set by the sportsbook. Usually, the favorite is assigned a negative number, while the underdog is assigned a positive variant of the same number.
  • Specials - Most sportsbooks often have unique bet types commonly referred to as specials. Such wagers are typically out of the ordinary, but they tend to bring the thrill of betting. For instance, you can predict the time when the first goal will be scored.
  • Over/under - Sometimes, a sportsbook will set a fixed total score of a certain NFL match. When you place an over/under wager on that match, you're basically predicting whether the actual score will be greater or lesser than the preset score.

As far as NFL betting in New Jersey is concerned, this article has discussed everything you wish to know. Still, there may be some questions, which we've tried to answer below.


What is the minimum age to wager on the NFL in New Jersey?

The minimum age to wager on the NFL in NJ is 21. Thus, as long as you are 21 years or older, you can place bets on sports online. To ensure that you are of the minimum gambling age, sportsbook operators will put you through an identity verification process.

What is the most popular NFL team to bet on in NJ?

The New York Mets are the most popular NFL team to bet on at NJ sports betting apps. Being a successful team with an impressive record, it has a huge fan base in New Jersey. As a result, many bettors prefer to place wagers on it since it rarely disappoints.

Where can I find the best bonuses for NFL betting in NJ?

You can find the best NFL betting bonuses in NJ right here in this guide. All you have to do is to go through the options and pick a bonus that you like. From there, you'll need to sign up at the relevant online sportsbook and claim the bonus.