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New York Yankees odds

In today’s feature on NJBetting.com, you will learn everything you need to know about the New York Yankees odds in New Jersey, including the current status of the team, how to bet on the Yankees on a sports betting site in New Jersey, and much more.

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Few teams in all of professional sports leagues across the globe have a more storied and successful history than the New York Yankees. With 27 World Series titles, the Yankees are far and away the most accomplished franchise in all of Major League Baseball (MLB).

By that, albeit absurd, standard, the Yankees as of late have struggled to return to glory, especially as of their most recent season. In 2023, the Yankees missed the postseason for the first time since 2016, despite their ace pitcher Gerrit Cole earning MLB’s Cy Young Award for being the most outstanding pitcher in the league.

Looking into 2024, Cole returns along with a stacked (per usual) pitching rotation that includes Clarke Schmidt, Carlos Rodon, and Nestor Cortes. Out in the field, 2022 MLB MVP Aaron Judge returns to the Pinstripes, in addition to Anthony Rizzo, Juan Soto, Giancarlo Standon, and DJ LeMahieu. Can manager Aaron Boone return the Yanks to the promised land? Continue reading for everything else you need to know about the New York Yankees odds in New Jersey.

Betting on the New York Yankees on a sports betting site in New Jersey

Betting on the New York Yankees on a sports betting site in New Jersey has never been easier, as there are currently 16 different sportsbooks operating online in New Jersey. If it’s your first time wagering on Major League Baseball (MLB), we here at BettingNJ.com have you covered with all the steps required plainly laid out.

  1. Get Bonus: With so much competition to choose from when it comes to sports betting sites in New Jersey, finding the best sportsbook for your individual needs is critical. Each of them has a review here at BettingNJ.com, which you can view and find the one best for you. Once you do, follow the “Get Bonus” link at the top of the page to receive the best promotional welcome offer currently available.
  2. Sign Up For New Jersey Sports Betting Site: Once you’ve followed the link mentioned in step #1, you’ll be redirected to the NJ Sportsbook with your welcome offer automatically applied behind the scenes. From here, fill in your login credentials, such as username, email, and password, as well as your legal information. The legal information that will be required is data such as first and last name, home address, phone number, and the last four digits of your social security number.
  3. Agree to Terms: Now that the online sportsbook in New Jersey has verified your identity, the time has come to agree to any terms and conditions and privacy policies set forth by the site. Check all of the boxes that apply to finalize the setup of your new account.
  4. Payment Options: Keeping in mind the terms and conditions of the welcome offer you have selected, deposit a minimum of $5 into your new account. Note that because of the back of the State of New Jersey and regulations provided by the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement, you’ll have plenty of deposit method options such as PayPal, Venmo, Debit Card, Bank Transfer, Wire Transfer, Physical Check, and more.
  5. Bet on the New York Yankees: Your account is set up, funds are deposited, and now it is time to get involved in the action. Head to the main menu of the NJ online sportsbook and select “Baseball”, and then “MLB.” If it is during the MLB season, you will see the day’s (or tomorrow’s) New York Yankees game listed to bet on. If it is the offseason, head to the “Futures” section to place season-long bets on the team (and others).

Whether you are reading this during the MLB season or in the offseason, there is no shortage of ways to get involved in betting on baseball. Let’s take a look at just a few of the most popular bet types for the New York Yankees you can make today.

  • Money line: The most straightforward way to bet on sports, a money line bet is simply a wager on which team will win the game, at the current odds. Teams with a negative sign (-) next to their odds are the favorites, while teams with a positive sign (+) next to their name are the underdogs.

Example: New York Yankees (-180) vs. Philadelphia Phillies (+160). In this scenario, the Yankees are heavy favorites against the Phillies and require you to risk $180 to win a total of $280 ($180 risked + $100 won).

  • Run Line: Baseball’s term for a “Point Spread”, a Run Line is how many runs an oddsmaker forecasts a team to win (or lose) by. Set at +/- 1.5, the team with the -1.5 next to their odds has to win the game by at least two runs to be graded a winner.

Example: New York Yankees (-1.5) vs. Seattle Mariners (+1.5). In this scenario, the Yankees have to beat the Mariners by at least two runs (i.e. 4-2, 7-3, 2-0, etc.) for a Yankees’ Run Line bet to be a winner.

  • Total: Baseball's term for an “Over/Under”, a Total is how many runs an oddsmaker forecast to be scored in the game, in total. The total runs scored are calculated by combining how many runs each team’s score.

Example: New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox (O/U 6.5). In this scenario, the Yankees and Red Sox would have to combine to score more than six runs (i.e. 6-1, 8-0, 5-2, etc.) for the “Over” to be a winner. The opposite would be true for the “Under” to be a winner.

  • Futures: Making a “Futures” bet in baseball is betting on an outcome that is decided at the end of the season. This could be a prediction on which team will win the World Series, their division, how many regular season wins they will accrue, and much more.

Example: New York Yankees to Win AL East Division (+130). In this scenario, you are betting on the Yankees to win the AL’s East Division when the regular season is over. While you can make this wager before the season even starts, you can also make it in-season nearly any time they are not actively on the field.

Channels to watch or stream the New York Yankees in New Jersey

For New York Yankees fans who live in New Jersey and the surrounding metro area, all games are broadcasted on the local regional sports network, YES Network. If you are one of the millions of Americans who have cut the cord on traditional cable, the streaming service DIRECTV STREAM is the only one currently offering YES Network. 

For Yankees games broadcast on national television, of which there are many each season, ESPN, FOX, FOX Sports 1, and TBS will show the games throughout the season. In addition to DIRECTV STREAM, Fubo, Hulu+ Live TV, YouTube TV, and Sling TV are streaming providers that will offer Yankees game viewing throughout the regular season and postseason.

Where do the New York Yankees play?

With the initial Yankee Stadium ceasing operations at the end of the 2008 season, Yankees Stadium (II) broke ground in 2006 and opened for the first Yankees (exhibition game) on April 3, 2009. With the first regular season game played 13 days later on April 16, 2009, the state-of-the-art new stadium came in with a price tag of $2.3 billion.

Designed and architected by the infamous stadium designer Populous, the new Yankee stadium features Kentucky Bluegrass in the outfield and portions of the infield. With an initial capacity of 50,287, seats have been trimmed over the years and there is a present-day capacity of 46, 537.

Located at 1 East 161st Street in the Bronx borough of New York City, Yankee Stadium is accessible by the Hudson Line, as well as the New York City Subway and Bus systems. 

How can I buy tickets to see the New York Yankees play live?

Whether you are looking to buy tickets directly from the team or via a reseller, there are plenty of options to go to New York Yankees games in the Bronx. Below are just a few of the options you have in terms of buying tickets to see the New York Yankees play live.



  • Gametime
  • SeatGeek
  • StubHub
  • Ticketmaster
  • TickPick
  • Vivid Seats

Do the New York Yankees have any partnerships with sportsbooks?

The New York Yankees' first official partnership with a sportsbook came in April of 2022, as the team signed a multi-year deal withFanDuel Sportsbook NJ. As part of the deal, FanDuel added VIP hospitality experiences at Yankee Stadium, as well as FanDuel signage throughout the stadium.

The Yanks’ second official sportsbook partnership came in August of 2022, as Bally’s Corporation inked a marketing partnership making their Bally Bet platform the official sports betting partner of the team. Like the FanDuel partnership, the deal with Bally’s allowed the sports betting company to feature signage throughout Yankee Stadium.

History of the New York Yankees

With 27 World Series Titles to their name, the New York Yankees have a history that goes back more than 120 years and is one of the most storied in all of American sports. Let’s take a deeper dive at how they started and made their way to the organization they are today.

  • 1903: Bill Devery and Frank Farrell purchased Baltimore’s MLB franchise for $18,000 moving the team to Upper Manhattan. Becoming a member of the American League, the Yankees opened Hilltop Park and initially called the team the “Highlanders.”
  • 1913: The Highlanders officially renamed their organization to the “Yankees”, and moved to the Polo Grounds, the home of the National League team New York Giants.
  • 1921: A year after signing Babe Ruth from their rival Boston Red Sox, the Yankees claimed their first AL Pennant. Six years later, Ruth would break his own record with 60 home runs in a season.
  • 1923: In the first year they moved into their newly built Yankee Stadium, they would go on to face the New York Giants in the World Series and win their first of 27 World Series Championships.
  • 1932: Yankee great Lou Gehrig would make history when he became the first MLB player to hit four home runs in a single day. He would be honored seven years later on July 4, 1939, when his number was retired, the first in Yankees history.
  • 1961: Another all-time Yankees great, Roger Maris, broke Ruth’s single-season home run record by hitting 61 home runs in a single season.
  • 1973: George Steinbrenner bought the New York Yankees from CBS, starting an era of Yankees greatness which would include seven World Series from 1977 to 2009.
  • 2009: The most iconic New York Yankee of our time, Derek Jeter, would beat former Yankee Lou Gehrig’s career hits record and get his 2,671 career hit. This was also the year of the Yankees' most recent World Series title.

Wagering on the New York Yankees in New Jersey is completely safe and legal to do. Backed by the State of New Jersey and overseen (and regulated) by the NJ Division of Gaming Entertainment, wagering on sports in New Jersey has been legal since signed into law on June 11, 2018. 

Outside of Nevada, the Garden State of New Jersey is considered the capital of East Coast gambling, as the state has long taken a friendly approach to the industry in all shapes and sizes. Currently, there are 16 legal online sportsbooks in New Jersey, with FanDuel, DraftKings, Caesars, BetRivers, BetMGM, Bet365, Tipico, Superbook, Betway, Borgata, Unibet, PointsBet, ESPN Bet, betParx, Hard Rock, and Golden Nugget all having a presence in the state.


Where can I find historical performance data of the Yankees for betting analysis?

The best place to find historical data on the Yankees for betting analysis is straight from MLB itself, at https://www.mlb.com/yankees/stats/. Everything from pitching and batting stats, both current and historical, are available for your browsing and bet research.

Are there any specific betting strategies for MLB games involving the Yankees?

Like most MLB teams with strong home environments, the Yankees tend to play better when in the friendly confines of Yankee Stadium. Take a look at the upcoming starting pitchers for both the Yankees and their opponents to determine the best betting strategy for MLB games involving the Yankees.

What should beginners know about betting on the New York Yankees?

Beginners just starting to bet on the New York Yankees should know that the “Yanks” are not built like your average team. Often featuring the most talented hitters and pitchers in all of baseball, the Yankees have the ability on any given night to light up (or shut down) a scoreboard for the opposing team.

How do injuries impact betting odds for Yankees games?

Injuries impact betting odds for Yankees games in several ways, with many focused on the health of the team’s pitching staff. If the Yankees have a pitcher who usually comes in relief for the starters injured, that can impact how well the team does to keep runs off the board late in games. If hitters who have been on hot streaks are suddenly removed from the lineup due to injury, that can also affect the Yankees' odds in terms of lower Totals and higher odds on money lines and run lines.

What are the legal considerations for betting on the Yankees in New York?

One of the legal considerations for betting on the Yankees in New York is that not all online sportsbooks available in NJ are available in NY. Online sportsbook apps use geotagging location to determine which state you are in before you can place a bet on the Yankees (and others).